Our Divisions
Civil Construct

The division combines the focus and skills of civil construction specialists who have vast experience with all types of projects from major road works, bulk excavations, bridges, railway infrastructure, dam constructions, remediation works and public domain works and enjoys a reputation of completing projects on time and within budget, with quality outcomes... More


Activities, technology, and business related to the mining industry ranging from prospecting, exploration, evaluation, mining, processing, refining, transport, to marketing.

Mining is a series of activities in the context of the search, mining (quarrying), processing, utilization and sale of minerals (minerals, coal, geothermal, oil and gas).... More

Ready Mix

Ready mix is one of unit business that serve construction industry. By processing in batching plant production, we serve the project with the scale / large volume or large-scale projects are located far, by placing the batching plant on site. For that we will prepare all the necessary equipment and manpower to meet demand and complete the project in full.concrete production process, depending on usage or customer needs.... More


With the development of telecommunication technology, EBJ take chances and play a role in the field of telecommunications construction services in infrastructure and Fiber Optic project.

Since 2003 EBJ has installed thousand miles of Fiber Optic for all operator in this country. Since 2002 EBJ was participate to build Telecommunication Tower in all region... More


Actual construction is not merely the construction work, but more like a masterpiece that elevates the dignity of human life. Therefore, any residential building or supporting facilities must comply with the terms of the power, security, safety, health, comfort, aesthetics and harmony with the environment.

EBJ prefer the best service for customers, according to the wishes of its customers... More

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About Us
Registered Name
PT. Era Bangun Jaya
Date of Establishment
October 2, 2002
Board of Director
- Eddy.B.J.Sihombing
- Roliesca Situmeang
- Manaborang Pardede
- Pungky P B Supangkat
Registered Office
Jl. Matraman Raya No.148,
Komplek Perkantoran Mitra Matraman,
Blok D1, No.148, Jakarta-Timur 13150
Telp. (+62) 21 - 85918056,85918104
Fax. (+62) 21 – 85918057
Jl. T. Amir Hamzah No. 50 A – D, Medan
Telp. (+62) 61 – 6630524
Fax. (+62) 61 - 6639989
Association Member
- Kamar Dagang dan Industri
- Asosiasi Jasa Konstruksi
- Asosiasi Industri Mesin Konstruksi
- Indonesia
Principal Activities
- Construction & Engineering
- Mechanical Electrical Work
Our Workshop
Jl. Siliwangi Km. 1 No. 110 Rawa Lumbu, Narogong
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